Betonica Aquatica. It is also called Brown-wort, and Bishops-leaves. Water Betony rises up with square, hard, greenish stalks, set with brown dark green leaves dented about the edges, somewhat resembling the leaves of the Woody Betony, but much larger.

The flowers are many, set at the tops of the stalks and branches, being round; opened at the brims, and divided into two parts, the upper one is like a hood, and the lower like a lip hanging down, of a dark red colour, and succeeded by small round pointed heads, wherein lie small brownish seeds.

The root is a thick bush of strings and shreds growing from the head. It grows by the ditch-side, brooks, and other water-courses, and is seldom found far from the water-side. It fiowereth about July, and the seed is ripe in August.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Water Betony:

It is appropriated more to wounds and hurts in the breasts than Wood Betony; it is a good remedy for sick hogs, it is of a cleansing quality. The leaves bruised and applied are effectual for old filthy ulcers; and especially if the juice of the leaves be boiled with a little honey, and the sores dressed therewith; as also for bruises or hurts, inward or outward. The distilled water of the leaves is used for the same purpose, as also to bathe the face and hands spotted or blemished, or discoloured by sun burning.

See also Wood Betony
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