Faba. Both the garden and field Beans are well-known.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Beans:

The distilled water of the flower of Garden Beans, is good to clear the face and skin from spots wad wrinkles. The water distilled from the green husks, is very effectual against the stone, and it provokes urine. Bean flower is used in poultices to reduce inflammations in wounds, and the swelling of women's breasts: Flour of beans and fenugreek mixed with honey, and applied to felons, boils, bruises, or blue marks by blows, or the imposthumes in the kernels of the ears, is an excellent remedy, and with rose leaves, frankincense, and the white of an egg, it may be beneficially applied to eyes that are swollen or water, or have received any blow upon them. Bean flower boiled to a poultice with wine and vinegar, and a little oil, is good for swelled testicles.

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