Fagus. It is needless to describe it, it is so well known. It grows in woods, and forests, and in other places. It blooms in the beginning of May, and the fruit is ripe in September.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Beach Tree:

The leaves of the Beach-tree are cooling and binding, and therefore good to be applied to hot swellings. A decoction of the bark is used in diabetes. A decoction of the leaves is excellent for obstinate ulcers, various cutaneous diseases, and dyspeptic affections, accompanied with great weakness, headache, and lowness of spirits. The nuts contain much nutriment for some animals, as deer, pigs etcetera. The water that is found in the hollow places of decaying Beeches will cure both man and beast of any scurf, scab, or running tetters, if they be washed therewith; you may boil the leaves into a poultice, or make an ointment of them when the time of year serves. The Beech-Tree is said to be a non-conductor of lightning. Dr. Becton, of America, says that the Beech-Tree is never known to be struck by atmospheric electricity, whilst others are often shattered into splinters.
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