VIOLET. Viola Odorata.—It needs no


They flower from March till the end of July.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Violet:

All violets are cold and moist while they are fresh and green, and are used to cool any heat of the body, either inwardly or outwardly, as inflammations of the eyes, in the fundament, in imposthumes and hot swellings. A decoction of the leaves and flowers should be made with water and wine. A poultice made of the flowers and leaves, and locally applied, has the same effect. A drachm weight of the dried leaves or flowers of Violets, purge the body of choleric humours, and heat, being taken in wine, or any other drink; the powder of the flowers dried, and drank in water is said to relieve the quinsy and the falling sickness in children. The flowers of the white violets ripen and dissolve swellings.

The Violet-flowers arc used medicinally on account of their demulcent and mildly laxative properties. They are good for coughs and lung affections, and pleurisy. The Syrup of Violets, to which has been added, a little lemon juice, and a few drops of the oil of vitriol is very powerful to cool the heat and quench the thirst. The green leaves are used with other herbs to make plasters and poultices for inflammations and swellings, and to ease pains arising from heat, and for the piles. The Syrup of Violet may be bought at the Shops; or a combination of it and Almond Oil. It relieves coughs and tightness of the chest. Syrup of violets mixed with Almond Oil, and Syrup of Senna, makes an excellent demulcent and aperient medicine. To make the Syrup, take a quantity of flowers, and boiling water sufficient to cover them; let it stand all night. Strain and add sugar, 2 pounds to each pint, and melt over the fire. It is a good gentle purge for children.

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