Verbena Offiicinalis. Called also Simpler's Joy. It has long broad leaves next the ground, deeply gashed about the edges, and some deeply dented, or cut all alike, of a dark green colour on the upper side, grey underneath. The stalk is square, branched into several parts, about two feet high, if you reckon the long spike of flowers at the tops, which are set on all sides one above another, sometimes two or three together, small and gaping, of a blue colour and white intermixed, after which come small round seed, in small long heads: the root is small and long, but of no use. It grows by the hedges and way-sides, and other waste grounds.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Vervain:

Vervain is slightly astringent. It removes obstructions of the liver, and strengthens the nerves. It cures the yellow jaundice, dropsy, and gout, and expels worms. It warms and strengthens the stomach, and cleanses, and strength­ens the internal viscera. It is good in all urinary affections. It is good for coughs, asthma, and most affections of the lungs. It is a good wound herb, the leaves being ground, and made into an ointment with lard. It is good also for the piles. The juice mixed with vinegar is a remedy for the headache. This has often been tried with success. As a cosmetic, it very much improves the skin, being mixed with a little vinegar.

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