Quinine is a chemical preparation from the Yellow Peruvian Bark, by means of Sulphuric Acid. It appears as a pure white powder, partly soluble in hot water, and wholly so in diluted Sulphuric Acid, and also in Spirits of Wine. For internal administration, it has almost superseded the hark on account of the minute dose required.

Eight grains are equal to about one ounce of the bark. There is scarcely any drug so valuable as Quinine. In cases of violent periodic headache, it is most useful. It is also a powerful tonic. In agues and intermittent fevers of all kinds, it is found to be indispensable. In neuralgic affections, and those caused by debility, its efficacy is marked and decided.

Quinine is adopted in cases of typhoid fever, and in the sinking stage, combined with Port Wine, it is very beneficial; and in recovering from low fever, and other severe diseases, very debilitating, the Quinine is often prescribed with great advantage. The simplest mode of administration, in dyspepsia, and as stomachic, is, Quinine, 1 grain; Elixir of Vitriol 5 drops; Water, 1 ounce; Syrup of Orange Peel, 1 drachm. Mix, and take occasionally. Combined with Valerian, it is highly recommended as a nervine and antispasmodic.

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