Sedum Telephium. Common Orpine has several round brittle stalks, thick set with flat and fleshy leaves without any order, and little dented about the edges, of a green colour. The flowers are white and beautiful, growing in tufts, after which come small chaffy husks, with seeds like dust in them. The roots are thick, round, white tuberous clogs. It grows in hedges, and in woods. It flowers in July.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Orpine:

Tragus says, that the distilled water is profitable for gnawings in the stomach and bowels, or for ulcers in the lungs, liver, and the matrix, being drank as a decoction for days together. It stays the bloody flux, and other fluxes in the body, or in wounds. The root has the like effect. It is used outwardly to cool inflamed wounds, and to ease the pain. The juice of the leaves mixed with oil is good for burns and scalds. The leaf bruised and laid to any green wound, heals it quickly; and being bound to the throat relieves the quinsy; the juice made into syrup is good for sore throat and quinsy.

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