Unicaulis. So called because it never bears more than one leaf; though sometimes it has a stalk, and in that case it has two leaves; but this seldom occurs. The leaf is of a bluish green colour, pointed with many ribs or veins, like plantain. At the top of the stalk grow many small white flowers, star-fashion, smelling rather sweet; after which come small red berries. The root is small, creeping under the crust of the earth. It grows on moist, shadowy and grassy places of woods. It flowers about May, and the berries are ripe in June.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of One Blade:

It is a precious herb. Half a drachm, or a drachm in powder of the roots taken in wine and vinegar, of each equal parts, and the person laid to sweat thereupon, is held to be a sovereign remedy for those who have a sore upon them, by expelling the poison and infection. It is a very good wound herb, and is used in many compound balms for curing wounds, whether fresh or green.

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