Solanum Vulgare. This is a different plant from the Deadly Nightshade, which is so poisonous. It has an erect, round, green hollow stalk, two feet high, having many branches, with many leaves, rather broad, and pointed, soft and full of juice, and unevenly indented at the edges. The flowers grow in little clusters, from six to a dozen in a bunch; they are white, with a yellowish centre, and succeeded by round black berries. It grows wild under walls, among rubbish, the sides of edges and fields, and in gardens, which it soon over runs, if not stopped.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Nightshade (common):

The common Nightshade is wholly used to cool inflammations outwardly. It must be used carefully, as most of the Nightshades are dangerous. The juice mingled with vinegar, is good to wash an inflamed mouth and throat. The juice, as an outward application is good for ringworms, and foul ulcers. The bruised leaves applied to inflammations, scalds, burns, and eruptions on skin, are very good. A cloth saturated with the juice is a good application for gout, inflamed privities. The juice dropped into the ears, relieves pains.

See also the article on the deadly nightshade.

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