—Lunaria.—It rises up with one dark green, thick, and flat leaf, upon a short foot-stalk; when it flowers it bears a small slender stalk about four inches high, having but one leaf, much divided on both sides, into five or seven parts on a side, each of which is small like the middle rib, but broad forwards, pointed and round, resembling a half moon, the uppermost parts being larger than the lowest. The stalks rise above this leaf two or three inches, bearing many branches of small long tongues, each like the spiky head of the adder's tongue, of a brownish colour, which at last resolve into a mealy dust. The root is small and fibrous. It grows on hills and heaths, where there is much grass. It is to be found only in April and May.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Moonwort:

Moonwort is cold and drying more than adder's tongue, and therefore more available for all wounds both inward and outward. The leaves boiled in red wine, stay profuse menstruation and the whites, also bleeding, vomiting and other fluxes. It heals blows and bruises, and is good for ruptures; but it is chiefly used with other herbs to make oils or balsams to heal fresh or green wounds, inward or outward.
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