—Lysimachia Nummaria.—It is called also Herb Twopence. From a small thready root, come forth several long, weak, and slender branches, running on the ground two or three feet long, set with leaves two at a joint one against another at equal distances, which are almost round, but point­ed at the ends, smooth, and of a good green colour. At the joints with the leaves from the middle forward come forth at every point sometimes one yellow flower, sometimes, two, standing on a small foot-stalk, consisting of five leaves, narrow- pointed at the end, with yellow threads in the middle. It grows plentifully in moist grounds by hedge-sides and in grass- fields.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Moneywort:

—The juice is a well-known remedy for profuse menstruation. The leaves powdered are excellent against scurvy, loss of blood, fluxes, weakness of the stomach, and vomiting. Take 8 or 10 grains at a time, as the disease may demand. It is good for ulcerated lungs. Made into an ointment with lard, it is healing to wounds, either fresh or old. The decoction is a good wash for inveterate sores, etcetera.
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