—Spiraea Ulmaria.—A wild plant growing by river sides. It has divided leaves, and beautiful tufts of white flowers. The stalk is round, striated, erect, firm, pale green, sometimes purple. The leaves are each composed of about three pairs of smaller, set on a thick rib, with an odd leaf at the end; of a fine green on the upper side, whitish underneath. The flowers are small and white, but they stand so close that the whole cluster looks like one large flower. The seeds are set in a twisted order.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Meadow Sweet:

--An infusion of the fresh tops produces perspiration. It is rather astringent. The root has been a specific remedy in fevers. Decoct the root in white wine, and take one or two table-spoonfuls at a time. An infusion of the flowers, drank as a common beverage, is good for cutaneous eruptions, greatly improving the skin, and tending to remove scrofulous affection. Let the body be bathed and well- rubbed at the same time, and the system will be greatly invigorated.
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