—It grows two feet high, the stalks are round, striated, hollowed, erect, not very strong. The leaves are com­posed of three smaller ones; they are of a dark green colour, blunt at the points, and edges indented. The flowers are small and white, standing in little umbels at the tops of the branches. The roots are long, brown, divided, of a strong smell, and a sharp aromatic taste.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Masterwort:

—The root greatly promotes perspiration, it warms a cold stomach. Haller says, that it is beneficial in diseases of the chest, arising from a load of mucus, and in the pituitous asthma, and in those diseases arising from defective circulation, as chlorosis and dropsy, and it has succeeded in a quartan ague even after cinchona had failed. Employed as a clyster it facilitates parturition; and the same when taken inwardly. It expels worms. It is good in gravel, promoting urine, and expelling stone. It is good for dropsy and cramps. The juice dropped on lint, and applied to green wounds or ulcers, cures them..--A drachm of the root in sub­stance, and a drachm in infusion to he taken four times a day.
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