Adiantum Album.—It is also called Wall Rue. It is gathered by children under the name of Ladies' Hair. It has very fine, pale green stalks, almost as fine as hairs, set confusedly with several pale green leaves on very short foot-stalks, somewhat in form, but more diversely cut in on the edges, and thicker, smooth on the upper part, and spotted finely underneath. It grows on old walls, near ruins, and dry places. It is green in winter as well as in summer.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Maiden Hair (White):

A decoction of the herb is a good remedy for coughs, difficulty of breathing, yellow jaundice, and obstructions of the spleen, and urine. It is very effectual in removing stones from the kidneys, and in obstructed menses. It restrains internal bleedings and fluxes. A decoction of the green leaves is aperient, removing bad bile, and tough phlegm, from the lungs and the liver. It purifies the blood, so as to give to the body a good colour. The herb boiled in oil of cammomile, removes knots, swellings, and dries up moist ulcers. A ley made thereof cleanses the head from scurf, and from dry and running sores; it prevents the hair from falling off, and causes it to grow. For this purpose some boil it in wine, adding a little Smallage, and a little wine.

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