Adiantum Aureum.—It has many small, brownish, red hairs to make up the form of leaves growing about the ground from the root; and in the middle of them, in Summer, rise small stalks of the same colour, set with very fine yellowish green hairs on them, and bearing a small gold, yel­low head, less than a wheat corn, standing in a large husk. The root is very small and thready. It grows in bogs and on moors, and in dry shady places. Its Medicinal Virtues are much the same as those of the White Maiden Hair. It makes an excellent wash for the hair, cleansing it, and promoting the growth.

There is also a BLACK MAIDEN HAIR, Adiantum Nigrum. It is like the Common Fern of the divided kind, only very small. It grows nearly ten inches high. The stalks are thick and glossy, and black. The leaves are beautifully divided into many parts, of a short bright green, and notched at the edges. The seeds lie on the edges of the under part of the leaves in form of a brown dust. Its Medicinal Virtues are similar to the other Maiden Hairs. A decoction of it works powerfully by urine. It relieves a troublesome cough.

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