Dragons (plant)
Dragons (plant)

They are well known to those who plant them in their gardens; at the lower end of the stalks they look like a snake.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Dragons:

In all herbs of this quality, the safest way is either to distil the herb in an alembick, or what vehicle you please, or else to press out the juice, and distil that in a glass still, in sand. It scoureth and cleanseth the internal parts of the body greatly, and externally applied, it removes freckles, itch, and sun-burning. The best way to use it externally is to mix it with vinegar; an ointment of it is good in wounds and ulcers; it consumes cankers, and Polypus in the nose. The distilled water dropped into the eyes, takes away spots, and removes dimness of sight.

DRAGON'S BLOOD -- A foreign herb. Sanguis Draconis Arbor.A beautiful tree of the Palm kind, native of the Canaries, etcetera. Dragon's Blood is kept by the Druggists; it is a red friable resin. It is obtained by cutting the trunk of the tree in the great heats. It is a very good astringent; and very useful in purgings, profuse menstruation, spitting of blood, etcetera. It may be given in powder.

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