Fraxinus Excelsior. It is a tree common in hedges and woods. The bark of the branches is gray, and the leaves are winged. The flowers are of a whitish green, and come before the leaves. More is useless, as the tree is so well known.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Ash:

The distilled water taken every morning is very good for the dropsy and obesity. The decoction in white wine helps to dissolve the stone and expel, and to cure the dropsy. The ashes of the bark made into ley to wash with, cure scabby and leprous heads. The bark, as a decoction, removes obstructions of the liver and spleen. The bark of the common Ash has been used as a substitute for Cinchona in larger doses. By some medical men the leaves have been recommend­ed as a substitute for Senna, having a less griping effect, and they answer well. They are useful in rheumatic affections. They should be gathered in June, well dried, powdered, and kept in well corked bottles. For use, infuse 1 drachm in a pint of boiling water until cold, then strain. Take a teacupful twice a day. As a purgative, half an ounce of the Powder is required. From the Fraxinus Ornus, or flowering Ash, is derived the concrete juice, called Manna, a very useful purgative for children and weakly persons. It is a pleasant and mild laxative.
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