This requires no description. Cynaria. It has good medicinal qualities. The leaves yield a bitter juice, which is diuretic, and useful in dropsy. The fresh root sliced and boiled in water, six ounces to a quart of water, makes a decoction, has been known to cure the jaundice. The following decoction which was long kept a secret by a person at Andover, is said to have carried off the water from several persons in the dropsy.


Take off Artichoke leaves and stalks, three handfulls, bruised juniper berries, one quart, a handful of scraped Horse-radish, bruised white mustard-seeds two table-spoonfuls; boil the whole in two gallons of water to one and strain the liquor through a cloth. Half a pint for an adult, morning and evening. Add sugar if required.
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