The Anemone is also called also Wind Flower, because, they say the flowers never open but when the wind bloweth. The seed also flies away with the wind. It has a perennial thick root, full of knobs, very acrid to the taste. Its leaves are supported on long leaf stalks, which are divided into three parts, each of which support a number of pointed and jagged segments, having a round slender and purple stem, six or eight inches high, with three leaves surrounding it near the top. The flowers are large and white, with more or less of a purple tinge, which stand on tender foot stalks, which rise from the centre of the leaves, surrounding the stem. It is found in woods, and by hedges; but it is mostly cultivated in gardens where its colours are more beautiful and various. It flowers early in the spring.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Anemone:

—The leaves provoke the terms, when taken as a decoction. Bathing the body with it cures leprosy. The leaves being stamped, and the juice snuffed up the nose, purge the head. Being made into an ointment, and the eye­lids anointed with it, it is good for inflammations of the eyes, and other diseases peculiar to them. amaurosis, cataract, and opacity of the cornea.
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