All Heal is also called Wound Wort, Panay, Opopane Wort, Latin, Stachys Sylvatica. It grows in wet grounds, has long hairy leaves, each leaf has five or six pairs of winged leaves, almost like ash-tree leaves set one against the other upon foot stalks, broad at the base, and narrow at the end. The leaves have a strong smell and a bitterish taste. The flowers, which are yellow, stand in clusters round the stalks at the joints, and they bear light yellow flat seeds, bitter in taste. The root is perennial, long, thick, of a hot biting taste. All Heal flowers in Autumn, and soon sheds its seeds.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of All Heal:

—As its name imports, it is a good wound herb; the leaves being bruised and applied to a new wound; they stop the bleeding and cure the wound. It relieves gout, cramp, and pains in the joints, vertigo, falling sickness. Made into an ointment it cures the itch.
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