—Alnus Glutinosa Vulgatus. The common Alder-tree is well known. Its stem is tree-like and full of branches; the bark is rough, of a dark brown color, and irregularly blotched with white, having large round leaves irregularly notched on the edges and clammy to the touch, especially while young. Its flowers are white, and the berries are black. It grows in hedges, moist woods, and watery places. It flowers in April or May and the seed is ripe in September.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Alder Tree - Common Alder:

—The decoction, or distilled water of the leaves, is good for burns and inflammations. And especially for inflammation in the breast. An infusion of the inner green bark of the trunk in wine, or of the expressed juice of the berries in the dose of half an ounce, is said to purge moderately, and in small doses prove an efficacious deobstruent, promoting all the fluid secretions. The decoction, as thick as treacle nearly, makes a good pill for indigestion, impetigo, or pustular eruption. A strong decoction is recommended. The fresh leaves laid upon swellings dissolve them, and stay the inflammation. The leaves put under the bare feet galled with traveling, greatly refresh them. The leaves with morning dew on them, and brought into a chamber troubled with fleas, will gather them, which being suddenly cast out, will rid the chamber of them.
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