Alms Glutinosa. It is also called the berry-bearing Alder. The Alder is often confounded with the Elder. The Alder is more like a shrub than a tree, and it seldom grows to a great size. The branches are smooth, slender, numerous, of a dark brown or purple color. The inner bark next the wood is yellow, which when infused, produces a saffron color. The leaves resemble those of the ordinary Alder-tree, or the Female Cornet, or Dog-berry-tree. The flowers are white, with leaves at the joints, which produce small round berries, first green, and blackish when ripe. It grows plentifully in some woods. It flowers in May, and the fruit is ripe in September.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Alder Tree - Black:

—The inner yellow bark decocted is useful in billions affections, and the dropsy. The bark boiled with Agrimony, Wormwood, and Fennel, and taken every morning, is very effectual against jaundice and dropsy, a decoction of the dried bark removes obstruction of the liver and spleen, and removes the hardness of the former. The outward bark is astringent, and is useful in Fluxes. The outward bark boiled in vinegar kills lice, cures the itch, and removes scabs. It is a good wash for the teeth, easing tooth-ache and fastening, loose teeth. As a decoction it is an excellent drink in the beginning of spring. On account of its purifying and exhilarating qualities, it ought to be esteemed as a jewel.
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