Eupatorium Canabinum. In some countries it is called Water Hemp, Bastard Hemp, and Bastard Agrimony. The stalks grow several feet high, of a dark purple color; the branches are numerous, growing distant from one another. The leaves are winged, and indented. The flowers grow at the top of the branches, of a brown yellow color, black spotted, having a center like a daisy. The seeds are long, and adhere to any woollen substance. It is principally found in the north of England, in cold grounds, by ponds and ditches, by running waters, sometimes in the midst of waters. It flowers in July and August, and the seed is soon ripe.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Agrimony - Water Agrimony:

—It heals and cleanses cancer, and relieves tough humors of the breast, taken as a decoction. It relieves the dropsy and yellow jaundice, and removes obstructions of the liver, and applied outwardly, mollifies the hard­ness of the spleen. It is a good remedy for the ague, provokes urine and the terms. As a purge it operates powerfully, yet safely, and dropsies are said to have been cured by it. It strengthens the lungs, and is an excellent vermifuge. Farmers give it to cattle troubled with cough, or broken winded.
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