Ophiglossum Vulgatum. It is also called Serpent's Tongue. It is a small plant, common in moist meadows, buried among the grass. It has but one leaf, oval, on a stalk a finger's length above the ground, flat, and of a fresh green color; broad like Water Plantane, but less, without any rib in it. The stalk rises from a fibres, about four or five inches high. same height above it, and the tongue, on each side. The root is perennial. in April or May.

Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Uses of Adder's Tongue:

Adder's Tongue
Adder's Tongue

—The juice of the leaves drank with distilled water of Horse-tail is good for wounds, and for vomiting, or bleeding at the mouth or nose. It is good for sore eyes. The leaves make an excellent balsam for green and fresh wounds, for old and inveterate ulcers, and for inflammations. It is a fine cooling herb, which gives it rare adaptation as a curative of wounds, etcetera. Make the ointment as follows;— Two pounds of leaves chopped very fine, put into half a pint of oil and one and a half pound of suit melted together. Boil the whole, (but do not burn it) till the herb is rather crisp; strain off from the leaves, and the liquid will be, when cool, a beautiful and efficacious Ointment. Some Surgeons add a little fine clear turpentine.
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