Plantago Coronopus. It is a very pretty plant, which grows in our sandy and barren places, with the useful in coughs, spitting of blood, and in incipient consumption. In its action it rather resembles digitalis, lowering the pulse, and lessening its frequency; it allays irritation, cough, and equalizes the circulation, and is considered by Rafinesque, " as one of the mildest and best narcotics in the world."

A lotion made of it and some honey cures sores in the mouth and gums, and other parts of the body. An ointment made with the leaves of Bugle, Scabious, and Sanicle bruised and boiled in hog's grease, until the herbs be dry, and then strained into a pot, is very good for all sorts of hurts in the body. It is good for the bad effects of excessive drinking, as sickness, head­ache, delirium tremens, etcetera.
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